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SiyaPhambili Electrical

About Us

Siya Phambili Electrical is a member of a recognized electrical contractors association. We are a medium to large enterprise business. We believe in putting in extra effort to retain business.

Our core business is Contractual electrical services and we have been in business for over 6 years.

Siya Phambili is financially viable and can easily obtain financial backup from our banking institution.

Siya Phambili Electrical was solely opened by Mr. S.Moodley, however,as the empowerment and equity requirements changed, numerous options were considered and it became clear that the only way to structure the empowerment / equity within Siya Phambili was to give back to those members of staff  who made the business possible.

Therefore it was decided that shares would be available to qualifying staff members with an initial maximum amount of  25%. The management and staff are extremely excited about this venture because all staff would benefit from it.

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